One of the major discussions in today’s world is surrounded by the correlation between management and leadership. Leadership can be linked to the position of management, however not all managers are leaders.

There’s more to leadership than having a high-ranking title and that starts with establishing an environment of impact, influence, and inspiration. The traditional manager may have the authority to tell people what to do, but they won’t be able to effectively guide and motivate their team if they don’t understand how to lead by example.

Company culture is an integral part of business. Without a positive work environment, employees will struggle to find value in their jobs. Having a strong culture will not only maintain employee loyalty, but it will also create a thriving atmosphere that allows the team to grow and develop in a way that suits them.

“Management is getting people to do what needs to be done. Leadership is getting people to want to do what needs to be done. Managers push. Leaders pull. Managers command. Leaders communicate.”
 — Warren Bennis

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